Chalk grassland on the Seven Sisters

A field scabious flower

A special habitat that is part of our cultural heritage, developed over hundreds of years of grazing. It is a colorful flower rich and species diverse place.

 Spend anytime standing still and quiet in flowery chalk grassland and you will notice the buzzing, clicks and rattles of the insects going about their business. Watch the flower heads droop down as bees land laden with pollen, pollinating the plants as they go along.

Late summer is a medley of pink, purple and blues with marjoram, devils bit scabious and field scabious flowering plentifully in places. In spots a shorter turf occurs, the plants here are on a smaller scale, eyebright, gentains and autumn ladies tresses are sustained in places by rabbits grazing.


Because the amount of good quality chalk grassland is a fraction of what it once was a balance has to be struck between scrub and the grassland. Scrub clearing halts the succession of the vegetation to woodland, clearing scrub can be a time consuming task and our volunteers make a valuable contribution during the winter months.