Family fun at Birling Gap

 Rock pooling at Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters, East Sussex.

There’s so much for you and your family to see and do at Birling Gap. Tracker packs for strand line searches, rock pooling, fossil hunting and grassland bug hunts can be picked up from the Visitor Centre. When you've finished for the day why not stop in the café for a delicious cup of tea and a slice of cake, all served with a backdrop of sea views?

Birling Gap is the perfect place to enjoy some family fun.  There are plenty of toilets and baby changing facilities, lots of car parking spaces or a great local bus service.  The cafe serves children's meal and lunchboxes, as well as a fine range of cakes, bakes and hot drinks.  The shop stocks a wide range of souvenirs, sunglasses, sun cream, hats, toys, boots, blankets - anything you might have forgotten!  Here are some of the things you  can do on your day out......

Fossil hunting

Fossil sea urchins
Fossil sea urchins
Fossil sea urchins

From Birling Gap car park, head down the steps to the beach for an excellent spot to take a glimpse into the past. The whole family can hunt for fossils in the chalk falls on the beach, this is a great time of year to uncover hidden treasures. The best time of day to look is at low tide, so check out the tide times before you set out. We would love to see any fantastic finds so please email us a photo of any special discoveries.

Rock pooling and strandline searches

Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters, East Sussex
Children rockpooling on the beach at Birling Gap
Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters, East Sussex

The rock pools that appear as the tide goes out are full of fish, anemones and marine creepy crawlies. Look out for the beady red eyes of the fierce velvet swimming crab, count the arms on a sunstar starfish or see how many shrimp you can find.  Once the tide comes in you can comb the strandline looking for the dark empty egg cases of skates and rays, known locally as ‘mermaid’s purses’.  Find out tide times to help you plan your visit, and find out more about how to plan your visit.

Surf's up!

The wave cut platform at low tide
Gullies in the wave cut platform at low tide off Birling Gap
The wave cut platform at low tide

With a south-west-facing beach, Birling Gap is one of the best spots to surf in the South East. Surfers are always welcome and our car park is open all day all year round (free parking for members). It's a great place to enjoy views of the Seven Sisters whilst you're waiting to catch a wave.

50 things to do before you're 11 and 3/4

Bug hunting on a learning visit to Birling Gap
Three children bug hunting in the chalk grassland at Birling Gap
Bug hunting on a learning visit to Birling Gap

Pop into our Visitor Centre to pick up a wallchart and some pointers on where to start. We also have tracker packs available to borrow to help you when hunting for creatures in the rockpools or on the downs. Remember to check out our events listing for things that might be going on and get the whole family involved, rain or shine.There's so much to see and do at Birling Gap, so why not get cracking with your 'to do' list and start with:

No.2 roll down a really big hill

No.5 skim a stone

No.6 Go welly wandering
No.7 Fly a kite
No.8 Spot a fish
No.9 Eat a picnic in the wild
No.17 Set up a snail race
No.18 create some wild art
No.20 Splash in the waves
No.23 Get up for the sunrise
No.24 Go barefoot
No.25 Join nature's band
No.26 Hunt for fossils and bones
No.27 Go stargazing
No.28 Climb a huge hill
No.30 Go on a scavenger hunt
No.31 Make friends with a bug
No.33 Go cloud watching
No.34 Discover wild animal clues
No.36 Make a home for wildlife
No.37 Explore the wonders of a rockpool
No.39 Catch a crab
No.40 Go on a nature walk at night
No.42 Go swimming in the wild
No.43 Help a wild animal
No.44 Watch a bird
No.45 Find your way with a map
No.46 Clamber over rocks
No.48 Keep a nature diary
No.49 Watch the sunset
No.50 Take a friend on a nature adventure

There are still more adventures to be had at Birling Gap and beyond. Once you've completed one of the things, don't forget to go to collect your stickers from the visitor centre.


There are always plenty of fun events happening at Birling Gap.  From family trails to rock pooling, guided walks to draft activies.  Find out more about what's going on at this clifftop  delight.