Habitat discovery at Birling Gap

There are many different habitats at Birling Gap for you to discover and enjoy. From flower strewn chalk grassland to rock pools filled with exciting marine life, whatever the season there's something new to see.

Gullies in the wave cut platform at low tide off Birling Gap

Rock pool habitat at Birling Gap

Rock pools are the classic sea-side habitat and the ones here at Birling Gap are no exception.

A flowery view of Belle Tout

Species rich and special

Species rich and declining, chalk grassland is the jewel in the crown on the South Downs downs along the seven Sisters.

The shear cliffs at Birling Gap

Sheer cliffs and coastal grassland at Birling Gap

The sheer cliffs and cliff top grassland seem inhospitable but life finds a way to cling on.

A stormy sea

Life in the open sea

Even though it looks empty, marine life is out there and occasionally tropical visitors get washed up after storms.