Wildlife at Birling Gap

Over 1000 species of plants and animals have been recorded at Birling Gap - some obvious, others a little more tricky to spot. Find out more about the incredible diversity of wildlife and see how many you can spot.

South Downs, Managing our downland landscape South Downs Managing our downland landscape
A rabbit running

Mammals around Birling Gap

A lot of mammals can be surprising hard to spot but signs are there if you look for them.

A great green bush cricket

Insects of Birling Gap

The mix of habitats, micro-climate, soils and food plants provides plenty of places for insects on the downs.

Belle Tout lighthouse viewed from went Hill

Plants of Birling Gap

Look out for the different species of plants to be found at Birling gap


The birds around Birling Gap

Some days birds can be everywhere on others patience is required to spot them, but don't give up.