Black Down

Heathland in bloom on Black Down with grazing belted galloway cows
Black Down

Things to see and do

Dog walking on a lead

Taking the lead on the South Downs

The South Downs are a great place to walk your dog, so there's always somewhere near to you where you can enjoy this rich countryside throughout the year.

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Upcoming events

Countryside Crafts Day 2017

Sat 29 Jul 2017
Bring the family down to the farm for traditional craft demonstrations and with opportunities to join in.

Community apple pressing day 2017

Sat 30 Sep 2017
Join in a free, family-friendly apple day at Swan Barn Farm. Bring along your own apples and join in using our fantastic heritage press and scratter to make your own apple juice and cider.
Black Down


A selection of worked flints found at Black Down, including arrowheads and axes, laid out in a display

Ancient finds 

Prehistoric flints, ancient tracks across the land and so much more – our research reveals treasures in this fantastic landscape.

Black Down

Get involved

Three volunteers stard in a woodland huddled round a white sweep net examining the contents for insects

Join the team 

There's always something to do behind the scenes at Black Down and we wouldn't be able to get it all done without our fantastic team of volunteers. There are many volunteering opportunities to choose from and we always welcome new members to our friendly team.

A view over the Devil's Punch Bowl, Hindhead, Surrey

Black Down & Hindhead Supporters 

Join the National Trust's Black Down & Hindhead Supporters group and enjoy year-round events with us.

Black Down

Our work

A black and white lamb

Lambs on the Black Down estate 

The first lambs of spring on the Black Down estate are always a special moment. Rare breed Jacob sheep graze the orchards and meadows at Swan Barn Farm.