Conservation and regeneration at Bodiam Castle

Staff and volunteers conserving a painting at Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

Here at Bodiam Castle we are transitioning through a project of regeneration. We will be starting conservation on our collection in a specialized suite to reveal new ways we can champion our interesting heritage.

The New Team

Beginning with a brand new Castle team and a conservation suite we are exploring the forgotten collection in new depths. The collection of paintings, documents, and archaeological artefacts requires specialised care and our new team of staff and volunteers are trained specifically to cope with the demands of the project.

The Bodiam Castle Collection

The collection was, prior to the project, kept in the North-East tower of the castle in unregulated conditions. We began our regeneration with a human chain of staff and volunteers from Bodiam Castle and Bateman’s who, piece by piece, passed the entire collection down the spiral staircase and then walked it across the bridge. The collection’s new home inside Castle Cottage is safer with conditions the National Trust can now monitor.

Each piece of the collection will be catalogued and conserved in view of visitors so that questions about our work can be asked and answered, and discoveries can be shared. There is also a display of interesting finds and information open all day every day to keep you up to date on our current work and let you know how your support of Bodiam Castle is contributing to this regeneration.

Oil painting of Bodiam Castle, East Sussex
Oil Painting of Bodiam Castle on easel
Oil painting of Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

Looking after what we’ve got

The conservation project will also see the commencement of the much-needed building maintenance of the castle. The top of the North-West tower was once open to visitors, but after it became necessary to replace the roof after a period of bad weather, we’ve had to close it. The roof has been repaired, but we still need to raise the money to replace the safety railings and fix the sandstone staircase. The Gatehouse will be re-pointed next year, and the exposed murder holes will be protected with a new waterproof membrane from above.

Bodiam Castle
A winter view across to the NE Tower at Bodiam Castle
Bodiam Castle

Thinking long term

The National Trust also plans to completely redesign your experiences inside the castle. Discoveries we unlock in our conservation suite will present new research opportunities which will rejuvenate our knowledge of Bodiam Castle. We can then create new interpretation for our visitors and supporters to enjoy.

This 2-3 year project is expected to cost around £349,000, if not more, and we are heavily reliant on memberships and donations. Your support is invaluable to us.