Box Hill Stepping Stones walk

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Please note the Stepping Stones are closed for restoration from May 2022. We expect it to reopen in July.

The perfect place for a family day out

A lovely walk down to the River Mole and back up. The Stepping Stones are an iconic landmark in this part of Surrey and they're a perfect spot to stop and watch the river flow by. This walk takes in some glorious views of the Surrey Hills and passes by one of Box Hill's oldest buildings, the Fort.

The Stepping Stones at Box Hill, Surrey


Map route for Box Hill Stepping Stones walk


National Trust Visitor Centre at the top of Box Hill, grid ref: TQ178513


From the visitor centre at the top of Box Hill, follow the surfaced path away from the visitor centre. Ignore the track going off to your right and continue along the surfaced path running parallel to the road and you'll see the view opening out in front of you.

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Once you've admired the view from Salomons Memorial, walk down the sloped path which runs below the viewpoint. Take a right and continue along this path.

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You'll see some steps cut into the ground on your left; follow these downhill through the Yew woods. There are 275 steps to the bottom - take care as they can be slippery sometimes. Continue along this path; on the left you'll catch glimpses of the river Mole.


Continue downhill. As the path flattens you'll reach a fork in the path. Take the left fork signed to the Stepping Stones. The River Mole and Stepping Stones are in front of you. You have a choice here. Either take a right at the rivers' edge and follow the riverside path (you can cross the river at the bridge a little further along), or cross the Stepping Stones and follow the path running parallel to the river on the other side.

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Once you've reached the footbridge, go through the gate next to it. This brings you out into a large open space. This is called Burford Meadow. Continue through the meadow. On the opposite bank of the river there are wooded chalk cliffs. These are known as the Whites.


At the far end of Burford Meadow there will be a road bridge in front of you. Follow the path upwards, just to the left of the bridge and you'll come out on the pavement next to the A24. Take a right and cross the river and walk past the hotel on your right hand side. Continue along the pavement.


Take the right hand path immediately after the hotel. At the fork, take the left hand grassy track and continue heading directly uphill.


Join the wide grassy path on the ridge of the hill. The grassy slope becomes a white chalk path, follow it uphill.


Take the pathway on your left. As it joins the stony path, take a right and continue as it heads uphill.


You'll pass an old building on your right. This is Box Hill Fort. You can walk all around the outside but not inside as there are bats living in it. Continue up the stony track and turn right at the road to return to the visitor centre. Congratulations! You made it. Why not treat yourself at the café to celebrate?

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National Trust Visitor Centre at the top of Box Hill, grid ref: TQ178513

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Box Hill Stepping Stones walk


Walking boots or sturdy shoes are recommended for this walk.

There is a steep descent from the top of Box Hill down to the River Mole with 275 steps before the bottom. The pathways can get slippery in the wet. You can cross the river by bridge or over the stepping stones and there is a long but not very steep ascent back to the top of Box Hill.

Dogs welcome. Please keep them on leads when livestock are grazing.

Box Hill Stepping Stones walk

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Box Hill Stepping Stones walk

How to get here

National Trust Visitor Centre, The Old Fort, Box Hill Road, Tadworth, Surrey KT20 7LB
By train

Box Hill and Westhumble 1½ miles (2.4km).

By road

1 mile (1.6km) north of Dorking, 2½ miles (4km) south of Leatherhead on A24.

By foot

1 mile (1.6km) of North Downs Way from Stepping Stones to South Scarp; 1 mile (1.6km) from Thames Down link footpath at Mickleham Downs; 1 mile (1.6km) from Dorking station (1½ mile (2.4km) from Boxhill station). Many rights of way lead to Box Hill summit.

By bus

Sunray Travel 516 Leatherhead station to Dorking to Box Hill east car park (not Sundays or Bank Hols); Arriva 465 Kingston to Dorking to foot of Box Hill, 1½ miles (2.4km) to summit.

Box Hill Stepping Stones walk

Facilities and access

  • Dogs welcome, please keep them on leads when livestock are grazing