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Hiking group on a guided hike led by rangers at Marsden Moor, West Yorkshire
Discover the Surrey Hills countryside on this circular hike | © Annapurna Mellor

The Box Hill Hike

This walk is an eight mile circular walk, with steep climbs, descents into deep valleys and many steps. It covers much of the Box Hill estate and passes some wonderful viewpoints and pubs to enjoy a refreshing drink or lunch. Please don't start this walk without suitable footwear, clothing or provisions.

Paths in winter

The paths are well maintained but may become slippery in wet or wintry weather. Please take care with your footing and wear suitable footwear for the conditions.

Total steps: 10

Total steps: 10

Start point

Start: Box Hill Shepherd's Hut, KT20 7LB

Step 1

From the shepherd's hut at the top of Box Hill, walk straight across the car park. Head to the woods on the left of the Donkey Green (directly opposite the viewpoint). Take the left fork at the edge of the woods. Continue through the woods along this track. Eventually you'll reach Lodge Hill and a view opens up on your left.

Step 2

Continue to the tower, otherwise known as Broadwood's Folly and take the path on your right. When the path clearly forks, take the right fork. Follow the path as it turns to the left and heads downhill. Walk down the steps to the track at the valley bottom. Turn left onto the track and continue along it to Whitehill car park.

Broadwood's Tower at Box Hill captured at sunset
Broadwood's Tower at Box Hill | © National Trust Images

Step 3

Cross the car park and road. Climb the steps up to Mickleham Down. Continue as the track curves to the right, and then to the left. As the path forks, head left. Go straight across the cross roads, heading steeply downhill. At the T-junction, turn left and continue downhill. Cross the stile and continue along this surfaced path. The churchyard is on your right. At this point you can explore Mickleham church and village, or stop for a rest at the Running Horses pub. When you are ready, return to the churchyard to continue your walk.

Step 4

Go through the waymarked double gate and cross the churchyard. Follow the track with the wooden fence on your left. Cross the road and take the path straight in front of you. At the corner of the field, turn right. Carry on; you'll see the park on your right. Follow the surfaced path, passing St Michael's School on your right. At the T-junction (with the white wall in front of you) turn right, heading uphill.

Step 5

Immediately after the pub, climb up the steps. Go straight across the cross roads and continue steeply uphill. At the fork, take the right hand path. Go straight across the old Roman road of Stane Street.

Step 6

You'll emerge onto a grassy open area known as Mickleham Gallops. Continue on the path and turn left onto the gallops, passing the information board. When you come to the end of the grassy track continue on the chalky path past the information board. Take the right hand turn off the main path, heading downhill. It is steep as it descends into the valley below.

Step 7

At the bottom of the valley, cross the road. Take the track to the left of the cottage, heading uphill. Continue straight up. You'll see an old wall to your right. Continue straight on, ignoring gate 27 on your left. Enter Headley Heath through gate 26 and follow the track. Turn left at the T-junction, continue along this track. Climb up the steps on your right, just before the cross-roads. Follow this grassy track uphill. The track forks at the big trees, take the left fork and continue along the wide track.

Step 8

At the five-way cross roads, take the second exit on your right. Carry straight on at the next cross roads. You'll emerge onto a cross roads, continue straight on, heading downhill. The track dips into the valley, then curves uphill. Ignore the path joining on your left. The path forks, take the left and follow the track to the gate. Go through gate 23 onto the surfaced road and turn left. Almost immediately the road forks, take the right hand fork (Headley Heath Approach). Continue to the road.

Step 9

Cross Box Hill Road and take the footpath in front of you. Continue as the path takes you downhill, ignoring paths on your left to Brockham Lime Works. Turn right up the set of steps with a hand rail. At the top of the steps take the left fork. Continue along this path. Cross the stile into Dukes Meadow and follow the track (known as Brodies Drive) along the bottom of the meadow.

Step 10

Pass through the gate and continue along the track. The path takes a left just before the metal gate; follow it between the hedge and fence. Turn left at the cross roads of surfaced roads. Almost immediately, take the path on your right, heading uphill. At the fork, take the left and go through the gate. Just through the gate, the path forks again, take the right heading uphill. Pass through the gate and continue up the path. Turn sharp right at the top and follow this path to see the stone viewpoint. Head up to it. A surfaced track runs above the viewpoint. Follow it uphill to return to the shepherd's hut and Box Hill café.

End point

Box Hill Shepherd's Hut KT20 7LB

Trail map

A map showing the Box Hill Hike steps and route
Map showing the Box Hill Hike steps and route | © National Trust Images

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