Beach fun sundays

Discover creepy critters in the rock pools

The beach at Branscombe is a great place to try one of the ‘50 things before your 11 ¾’ activities’. Every Sunday from 1 to 3 pm (weather permitting) the ranger team have a number of beach activities for all to enjoy.

If the tide is out then the rock pools are the natural place to explore. Shy starfish, tiny shrimps and comical crabs are just some of the marine life you can spy. When the tide is in then making wild art, flying kites or seeing how far you can skim a stone are fun things to try.

For those wanting to see more of Branscombe; Manor Mill is just 500 metres away along the flat valley path (free to NT members and open 2-5pm) or Old Bakery tea-room and Forge just under a kilometre (free to all). A small information area next to the bakery signposts some great walks in the area and other places to visit.