Behind the scenes at the Mill

At first there is a creak, then a sigh and slowly the regular thump, thump of the waterwheel is heard as the mill comes to life. Every Sunday this piece of magic is performed by one of the volunteers at Manor Mill in Branscombe as they start the wheel up.

Since the 1990s the mill has relied on volunteer help. Initially with the restoration of the mill which had fallen into disrepair after the First World War. Local people were determined that the last mill in the village (there were originally four) should be fixed and working.  Volunteers led by Martin Watts a local mill expert painstaking repaired and replaced all the parts so that the mill could once again grind grain into flour.

Today the mill is open through April to October to visitors intrigued as to its workings and its stories. It is one of three buildings owned by the National Trust that celebrate the village’s past. The East Devon ranger team manage and maintain the mill with specialist help and a small but dwindling number of volunteers. The local team are keen to recruit more people to help welcome the 1,500 plus visitors a year.

If you would like to find out more please contact them on 01297 680507. Interested in volunteering at another property then please visit myvolunteering