The Forge

Old Forge fire at Branscombe

Branscombe Forge was built around 1580 and is believed to be the oldest thatched working forge in the county.

For over 400 years generations of blacksmiths have toiled over red hot metal at Branscombe Forge while carrying out their daily work.

The Forge gives us an insight into the old village economy. After deciding to settle, villagers would have built up a self-sustainable place to live. It is likely that settlers chose this area due to the fishing potential.

Blacksmiths would have made ploughs, fishing hooks, metal tyres, axe heads, pig rings and shoed horses. To shoe a horse would cost two shillings (ten pence).

Over the centuries the stone walls and thatched roof of the building have provided blacksmiths with shelter and much needed protection from the elements while performing their craft.

Blacksmiths still work at Branscombe forge using traditional methods to create both practical and artistic works available for purchasing in the showroom which is open all year. If you are lucky, you will see our blacksmith at work in The Forge.