Adventure awaits in Branscombe

Whether you're joining an event or enjoying the outdoors as a family, Branscombe is bursting with '50 things' activities to bring you closer to nature. These downloadable resources will get you right on track for a fun-filled day out.

A family enjoying 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4

Dawn to dusk discoveries 

From the Old Bakery to the beach, you can while away your summer days with lots of '50 things' activities outdoors.

Girl with magnifying glass looking for wildlife

The wild outdoors 

If you look closely, there are clues all around about the critters that live in the area. This wildlife tracker sheet will help animal detectives identify their finds.

Discovering creatures under the rocks at Branscombe

Peek into the pools 

When the tide is out the rockpools are perfect to explore. You can spot all sorts of crazy creatures, and this guide will help you name them.


A night time trail  

When the sun goes down and the stars come out, this map will guide your adventures in Branscombe Valley.

Visitors enjoying one of Bristol Astronomical Society's stargazing evenings at Tyntesfield, North Somerset

What can you find at night? 

A moonlit Branscombe is like a whole new world. Whether admiring the sunset or searching for glow worms, try out the fun only night time can bring.

Girl holding a GPS unit used for geocachine

Hidden treasures to reveal 

The co-ordinates are in place, the treasure lies waiting. Are you ready to find the secret stashes in Branscombe?