Top 10 autumnal views on the Castle Drogo estate

River Teign in autumn

Pull on your walking boots, wrap up warmly and discover the best places to capture autumn colour.

In autumn Castle Drogo’s extensive estate takes on an incredible transformation. From the forest in the valley, to the borders in the garden, there is a variety of flora and fauna making the transition away from the vibrancy of summer. Although this cold weather makes most of us want to cosy up at home, a few of you can’t wait to get out there and capture the amazing scenery changing before us. Here are some of our Instagram favourites showing off Castle Drogo’s autumnal views.

Take a walk at Castle Drogo to admire the changing autumn colours
Sun shining through autumn trees

Bella_boos has found the sun breaking through the trees in the woodland around the estate.

Walk around the Castle Drogo garden and discover the vibrant colours
Orange Persian Ironwood trees

Instagram user charlottegraceh demonstrates the striking shade of the leafy canopies covering the pathways. These Persian Ironwood trees have been carefully trained into this grid like effect.

The trees along the River Teign are lovely colours of amber and orange.
River Teign in autumn

Alan Tatham winner of last years photography competition won with this photograph of the bubbling Teign river.

Walk down to the river Teign to watch the flowing river
The river Teign surrounded by autumn leaves

Swebbatron captures the fast flowing river in a golden setting.

Autumn sun shining through the trees on the Castle Drogo estate
Autumn sun on the Castle Drogo estate

Danwht captures a veteran oak tree with autumn sun behind it. From the cliff tops you can see the full extent of the trees losing their summer leaves.

Sit and admire the changing colours in the Teign gorge
Teign gorge with vibrant leaf colour

Chrismartindevon has captured both amber foliage and still green woodland.

Admire the low autumn sun on Fingle Bridge
Fingle Bridge in autumn

An ideal place to stop and take in your surroundings is Fingle Bridge. Here, Instagram user danisquirrell has paused to take this characteristic shot of the bridge with the colourful gorge in the background.

Sit and watch the fast flowing Teign river
The weir in the river Teign

Helen Newton captures the salmon weir with the vibrant colours in the background.

Look through the garden gates to the Dartmoor landscape
Garden path with Dartmoor in the background

Instagram user moleywart has captured the leaf litter on the ground with the Dartmoor landscape in the background.

Walk through crunchy leaves around the salmon weir
Salmon weir surrounded by golden leaves

This is a beautifully framed photo from claireeharvey displaying the leaf littered banks around the river.