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Corfe Castle in the mist
A photograph of staff from a bygone era at croft castle, Herefordshire

Delve into the history of Croft Castle 

Find out more about the Croft family and their involvement in some of Britain's most famous historical events. What's their connection to the 'Princes in the Tower' and who is buried in Westminster Abbey?

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Ambleside Roman Fort from above

Ambleside Roman Fort 

Dating back to the 1st century, there's plenty of history to uncover at the Roman Fort in Ambleside. Find out more about the beginnings and purpose of the fort and imagine a bustling community on your visit to the remains on the shore of Lake Windermere.

Dawn view of Chirk Castle in Wales

Explore our castles and forts 

Look beyond the walls of our castles and forts to discover intriguing stories of love, betrayal and warfare. You'll find plenty of inspiration for your next castle visit, as well as learn about modern-day conservation efforts.

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