John and Arthur Jones II: The last of the original descendants

Arthur Jones II inherited Chastleton in 1813

After Henry Jones IV died in 1761, the house passed consecutively to two of his sons; first to John Jones II and then to Arthur Jones II.

John Jones II

John inherited Chastleton from his father Henry in 1761. He never married so his mother, Elizabeth Hancock, continued to manage the household for him until her death in 1784.

Her mother and youngest siblings also lived at Chastleton and surviving letters suggest a close-knit family enjoying the usual pastimes.

They went shopping in London, visited friends and attended what would become the Three Choirs Festival in Gloucester. 

Arthur Jones II

Arthur inherited Chastleton in 1813 upon the death of his brother John.

Prior to that, he lived at Greenwood House, a property directly opposite the hurch next to Chastleton which no longer stands.

At the age of 41, Arthur married Elizabeth Saintsbury but the couple didn't have any children.

Arthur Jones II inherited Chastleton in 1813
Arthur Jones II inherited Chastleton in 1813
Arthur Jones II inherited Chastleton in 1813

Both John and Arthur invested in repairing and improving Chastleton. John carried out masonary work on the east side of the house and re-roofed all of the buildings, as well as starting work on the guttering and downpipes. Inside the house he made alterations to the layout of the top floor.

Arthur continued to work on the guttering and had the Buck in the Great Hall re-painted. He also had the porch and great hall paved, the extra weight of which meant pillars needed to be built in the basement.