The Garden at Chastleton House

the garden at Chastleton House

The garden at Chastleton presents an intimate and beautiful setting for the house. With views from the windows which draw you out to the topiary, kitchen garden and wilderness, it's up to you whether you explore or just sit in the sunshine or in the shade of our magnificent trees.

A Jacobean treasure to explore

We took a unique approach by conserving the house in the condition in which it was found. But how does that approach translate to the garden, where living things grow and change? The garden has nods to changing garden fashions but still largely has its Jacobean layout, with divisions according to use. And it still preserves its secret garden feel of 'romantic neglect'.

Anyone for croquet?

From April to September, you can enjoy a game of croquet on the lawns where the rules of the game were invented. You might even catch our volunteer croquet team playing a demonstration game in their whites. Once bowling lawns and overlooked from the terrace, they had become overgrown with nettles and brambles, but have now been restored and are maintained by our garden team. Croquet on the lawns at Chastleton is a unique experience enjoyed by our visitors.

Fascinating topiary

You might see our garden volunteers clipping the topiary to keep it in its cloud form shapes. It’s fun to try and guess what they might have been, some are easier than others!

Natural neighbours

Families can discover more about Chastleton's wilder residents with our free explorer packs.

Free garden tours

There are free guided tours of the garden most afternoons when we are open, with a chance to see how our garden changes through the seasons. Learn about our wildlife, kitchen gardening, topiary or even beekeeping!

Don't miss...

  • seasonal fruit and vegetables from the kitchen garden
  • the mulberry tree believed to be nearly 400 years old
  • the mysterious fruit of the medlar tree
  • our bee hives producing honey for sale
  • the cloud-form topiary shapes – what can you find?