The later years

Chastleton at dusk

Charles Taswell Richardson was tenant of Chastleton from 1897 to 1933, along with his second wife Mabel and their three daughters.

Charles was from a wealthy Cheshire family and had worked in India, running a tea plantation and later owned a tea company. 

He made improvments to the house, such as adding in central heating, electricity and improved sanitation, made alterations to the garden and probably removed the panelling from the Great Parlour. 

The family integrated into local life, enjoyed hunting and owned two cars that were available for the servants to use as well. All three daughters were married at Chastleton church. In the 1911 census there were eight servants and staff listed as living in the house, serving a family of five, but others would have lived locally.

In 1920, at the age of 66, Charles died at sea in mysterious circumstances. There are two memorial windows in Chastleton church dedicated to him. Mabel remained living at Chastleton after the death of her husband but eventually left for a smaller house in the nearby town of Chipping Norton.