Flora and fauna in the Cleddau Woodlands

Wigeon in flight over water

From wildfowl and waders to ancient oak, the Cleddau Woodlands are full of fascinating flora and fauna.


The wooded waters are a haven for all sorts of creatures, particularly wildfowl and waders. Egrets, wigeons, ospreys and grey herons are amongst the species you’re likely to see across the seasons.

It’s a rich habitat for woodland birds too. Pied flycatchers and redstarts have been sighted in the past, along with the likes of whitethroats and garden warblers. It goes without saying that the dawn chorus is magnificent.

One of Pembrokeshire’s scarcest butterflies, the brown hairstreak, uses the woodland edge at West Williamston. If you're lucky, you might see it flutter by in late summer.


Ancient oak is the obvious star of the show in the woodland, especially at Lawrenny. It’s punctuated beautifully by hazel, birch and holly in Little Milford.

Elsewhere, there are the likes of ash and sycamore, along with an abundance of lichen and fungi.
Venture out of the woodlands to the riverside and you’ll come across dense blackthorn scrub and more uncommon plants including the bee orchid.