Enjoying the Hills with your four legged friend

Dog in little red jacket being fed a bacon sandwich by its owner

The Clent Hills are a great place for enjoying some fresh air and open space with your dog. There are large areas where you can let them off their lead to run around.

The cafe at Nimmings Wood Car Park is dog friendly, with bowls of water and a range of tasty dog treats available to buy. There are dog poo bins located at the car park and also at the top of the Easy Access Path that runs from Nimmings Wood Car Park to the top of the hill. Do ask our car park attendants for a spare bag if you have forgotten.


There are areas of the Hills that we ask you to keep your dog on a lead and under your close control. These are the places where there is a large concentration of visitors, including children and other dogs. This covers the courtyard area around the café at Nimmings Wood car park, as well as the Meadow and Natural Play Area, accessed behind the toilets.

We also ask you to keep your dog on a lead up the Easy Access path to the top of Clent Hill, again because of the high concentration of other people. Outside of these two spaces, you are welcome to let your dog off the lead for some real exercise!

Anywhere you go on the Clent Hills, we ask you to keep your dog under your control even when off the lead. There will be other dog users, horse-riders, families and cyclists on the Hills as well. At certain times of the year and on neighbouring land, there will also be livestock grazing.