Horse riding trail Clent Hills

Horse riding trail

Treks through woodland tracks and wide open spaces with staggering views over Birmingham and the Black Country to the north and east, and Kidderminster and Worcestershire to the west.

Horses and their riders walking along the top of Clent Hill on a sunny day


Map route for horse riding trail at Clent


Walton car park, grid ref: SO941803


0.75 miles. From Walton car park turn left onto the road and continue to the T-junction, then turn left into St Kenelm’s Pass. After only 20 yards, fork right across a small car park and go through a gap next to a gate (bridlesign and N Worcs Path sign). At the end of the hard track, keep going half left uphill - don’t turn left through gate. Continue over the crest (red NT walk arrows) and on to the track T-junction, then turn left, following the track along the top of ridge to the viewing benches by the Four Stones. Continue past the Four Stones, keeping them to your left.

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0.5 miles. After only another 20 yards, at the track fork by a fenced enclosure, fork right keeping the enclosure fence to your left. Continue for 50 yards then, just after you pass a concrete viewing enclosure, turn sharp right, round the edge of the enclosure, and follow a sandy track downhill. At a T-junction with a track coming up from the left, turn sharp left. (If you want to visit Nimmings Visitor Centre, where there is a café and a WC, turn right here).


1.25 miles. Continue for about 200 yards until the track forks, then fork right. Follow the track through the trees then alongside a field to your right. Keep going downhill to the track junction at the bottom (red arrow on post), then continue ahead, passing a house and a gate into the castellated tower on your right. Follow the stony track downhill, with deer fencing to your right, for about 150 yards, then fork left onto a much smaller path (ignoring the red arrow) and follow it uphill through the wood. This turn isn’t obvious, so keep your eyes peeled! At the T-junction with a bigger track, turn right. Shortly, when the track divides round a clump of beech trees, bear left and continue round a tight left-hand bend. The track wiggles round the head of a valley, where you cross a tiny stream. Keep going until it emerges into the open, then bear right past a clump of pine trees to join an obvious sandy track. Follow this track downhill to the next unmarked crossways, then turn sharp left. Continue straight ahead at the next junction with a track coming in from the right and pass a disused toilet block. At the end, bear right around the end wall of the Hill Tavern.


1.25 miles. Continue on track, keeping a large metal drainage grille to your left and passing the end of the dead-end road that comes up through Clent village on the right. Follow the track along the back of some houses, with a wooden boarded fence to your right at first. Pass a prominent brick house on the right and continue to the next track junction just before a cream house, then turn sharp left uphill. The path is narrow but becomes wider as you climb. Just after you pass a clump of pine trees on the right, fork right at the next track junction (red arrow on post). Follow the track for 150 yards to T-junction, then turn right. At the next fork, keep left and continue downhill alongside trees and valley bottom to your left. Eventually you will reach a junction in front of a bridlegate and fence. Don’t go through the gate - turn left in front of it and follow a sunken track along the inside edge of the wood. At the top, continue over the crest (bridlesigns on post to right of track) and follow the narrow path downhill until you join a bigger one coming in from the right by the fence at the bottom. Continue ahead, following the track along the back of the Vine Inn. When you reach the road at the end (bridlesign pointing backwards) go straight over a staggered junction into Clatterbatch Lane. Visibility to the right is extremely restricted as you emerge, so listen out for approaching traffic and take great care. To visit the pub, turn right and then right again into car park.


1.25 miles. When you reach a cluster of houses, fork right onto a concrete driveway (black “National Trust sign) and follow it uphill. Just before the house ‘Clee View’, turn right onto a gravel track and follow it steeply up through the wood. At the T-junction at the top, turn left onto a much bigger track (bridlesign). Follow it uphill, along the inside edge of the wood, until you emerge into the open by a small picnic area. After another 200 yards, fork right onto a minor grassy path. The path you are now following is almost parallel with the track you just left, but the surface is nicer and follows the correct, legal route of the bridleway! Follow this grassy track gently uphill to the top of the crest, then keep going until you reach the track junction at the top, where you join another track coming up from the right. Continue ahead (bridlesign on post), then cross a small ditch (this is the Cross Dyke shown on the map) and carry on past the trig point. Continue along a wide gravel path for about another 100 yards, then fork left onto a minor earthy path. Last time we checked this route, this track junction was un-signed and difficult to find. There are North Worcs. Path and footpath signs on a waymarker post shortly after you pass it – so if you reach them, turn round and go back for only 10 yards or so. At the next track junction (blue NT arrows on post), turn right, following the track downhill. At the bottom, bear right (green NT horseshoe sign) and follow the track out into Walton car park, reaching the end of the trail.


Walton car park, grid ref: SO941803

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Horse riding trail Clent Hills


Hilly terrain. Walton Hill summit is over 1,000 feet above sea level, so you need a fit horse. The mileage is measured on a flat, two dimensional map so you may find that the ride takes longer than you expect. No main road crossings.

Horse riding trail Clent Hills

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Horse riding trail Clent Hills

How to get here

Romsley, Worcestershire
By road

South-west of Birmingham, between villages of Clent and Romsley. South-east of Hagley and 6 miles (9.6km) from M5 (J4), signposted off A491

Horse riding trail Clent Hills

Facilities and access

  • WC and café (not National Trust) at Nimmings Visitor Centre. To get there you need to take a diversion which starts 1.25 miles into the ride.
  • You pass 2 pubs at 2.5 and 3.75 miles into the ride.