'50 things to do indoors before you're 125¾' at Coughton Court

Shining a light into the priest hole at Coughton Court

Our ’50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾’ activities have become increasingly popular over the last few years so in celebration of the National Trusts 125th anniversary we thought we’d put together a list of things you can get up to indoors. So, whatever the weather is deciding to do that day you’ll still have lots to get up to, come rain or shine!

The '50 things' indoors activities will help you notice rare, unusual or beautiful things in the special places we care for, as well as having some fun as a family. They are designed to be done by looking, listening, smelling and even tasting, then talking and thinking together.

Below are a few things that you can tick off at Coughton and don’t forget to pick up a leaflet when you arrive and collect the stickers every time you complete a task. There are lots of properties across the South West and the Midlands taking part, so you’ll need to visit more than one place to collect all of your stickers.

Here are our top activities to try out...

Shine a light, what will you discover?
Can you discover our 16th-century priest hole in the Tower Room? Use the torches and magnifying glass’ provided to see what you can spot down there!

Strike a pose and take a selfie
Have fun dressing up with our chest full of traditional clothes in Lady Lillian’s room. See who can strike the best pose and take a selfie with our frame!

Have fun dressing up!
Strike a pose at Coughton Court
Have fun dressing up!

Listen to a clock chiming
Tick tock, tick tock, can you hear our chiming clock? In Front Hall listen carefully to our grandfather clock, what does it sound like and can you find any other clocks on your visit?

Learn how to do a jigsaw 
Can you find the missing piece? Have a go at our jigsaws in the tower room, why not see if you can complete one and then teach someone else! 

Can you put all the pieces together!
Have a go at a jigsaw at Coughton Court
Can you put all the pieces together!

Sit by the fire and share a story
Rain or shine, you can always enjoy sharing a story in the Saloon. Get comfy and flick through our selection of children’s books or try creating your own from your visit today! 

Don't forget to share your photos on our social media channels, we love to see what you've been up to on your visit to Coughton!