Buy a Coughton raffle ticket in 2018 to help keep us ticking

Caring for our clocks at Coughton Court, Warwickshire

This season the raffle money is going towards horological conservation, how exciting! Our clocks are beautiful objects which keep very good time – unfortunately, two of them have cases which are in dire need of conservation work.

We’ve had to remove the faces and movements of these two clocks to stop them getting damaged. They are delicate objects requiring specialist attention and we’d love to hear them ticking again!  It will cost around £10,000 to repair both cases so we need every penny of raffle money that we can raise.

Don’t forget that for every raffle ticket sold here the Trust doubles our money, so it really is an excellent way of fundraising for our conservation projects. 

Eighteenth-century, early Louis XV bracket clock 

Please help me tick again
Bracket Clock at Coughton Court, Warwickshire
Please help me tick again

This clock is in need of repairs to the case. The brass boulle inlay has lifted in several places, and once it comes away it is in danger of becoming detached completely. Fixing it is delicate work. Repairs are also needed to the glazing. The striking movement, made by Cronier of Paris, will be reinstated once the case is in better condition. It is currently in storage and estimated cost of repairs is £6,000.

Eighteenth-century longcase clock

Where has my face gone?
Clock awaiting repair at Coughton Court, Warwickshire
Where has my face gone?

Although this keeps excellent time, we’ve had to remove the face and movement to ensure its preservation. Deterioration of the case is putting the mechanism at risk of damage. It will cost about £4,000 to complete the necessary work, including repairing the back boards and clock hinges.

For more information contact Phillippa or Mary in the Conservation Team on 01789400777.