Caring for Chimneys at Coughton Court

Chimney sweeping at Coughton Court, Warwickshire

Our chimneys are cleaned twice a year by Ian Taggart, an ex-fireman, who also looks after the chimneys on several other local National Trust properties.

We have 5 chimneys here at Coughton Court that are in regular use and they are all cleaned twice a year. This is essential to ensure that a build-up of soot does not create the conditions for a chimney fire to start with the devastating potential consequences of that.

At the same time the chimneys are given a health check to look for future problems which may arise and need treatment.

Some of you will have enjoyed the heat from the fire in the Saloon, which is 11 metres high but how many know that there is also one in the gardeners shed which helps them to keep warm in the winter?