Clocks at Coughton Court

Winding the clocks at Coughton Court, Warwickshire

We have three special clocks here at Coughton Court which need weekly attention. Take a close look at them and marvel at the amount of work that went into crafting them.

The clocks here at Coughton are just one of the things that need regular attention. These clocks need winding up every week, checking their time and adjusting when necessary. We hope to be able to carry out these tasks during opening times very soon. A horologist also makes an annual visit to check their condition and make recommendations for any further action.

There is also a detailed plan to look after these clocks in case of any disaster which includes special care to remove weights that are filled with mercury.

The Front Hall Clock

Clock winding can be a stretch
Longcase clock in Front Hall, Coughton Court, Warwickshire
Clock winding can be a stretch

This longcase clock rings both the Westminster and Whittington chimes. It was a 21st birthday present to Sir Robert Throckmorton, 11th Baronet. This Edwardian chiming clock was purchased from H.Kyser of Brighton but the manufacturer is unknown. It was dismantled, cleaned and overhauled in 1991 and is therefore in good condition despite it's age.

Take note of the sides of the clock which are decorated with fretwork backed by pink silk.

The Cellar Passage clock

Just another windup
Clock in Cellar Passage Coughton Court, Warwickshire
Just another windup

This is another oak longcase clock and was made by Thomas Toms of Bicester. It has a painted dial and was constructed during the Eighteenth Century. Whilst the movement is in good condition the case is in fairly poor condition and we have it on our list of future conservation projects.

Blue Drawing Room clock

This one just keeps on ticking
Bracket clock at Coughton Court, Warwickshire
This one just keeps on ticking

This clock has its origin in Paris and is dated from early in the reign of Louis XV. It is a Boulle bracket clock, the movement of which was made by Cronier of Paris. It is a very delicate and intricate clock so has to be treated very carefully but it's very reliable and accurate. Do take a close look at it to enjoy the detail.