Explore Four Women in One War at Coughton Court

Mrs Kate Mason

2018 at Coughton sees new displays opened in our ground floor spaces which explore the impact of the First World War on local women. One hundred years since the end of the war, our displays reveal how women from the Coughton area supported the war effort, and how their lives became entangled in larger national concerns around women’s duty, citizenship, health, and suffrage.

Four Women. One War.

The Coughton community was a hive of activity throughout the war years, Women led the local effort to support soldiers on the Western Front, whilst raising their families and taking on work traditionally carried out by men. As in many towns and villages throughout Britain, Coughton women got together frequently throughout the war to organise fundraising, knitting drives and aid for wounded servicemen. This year we explore the stories of four of those women – Emily Ainge, Isabel Eagles, Kate Mason, and Lilian Throckmorton. Four Women. One War.

This year only. Enjoy this informing display
Four Women One War exhibition
This year only. Enjoy this informing display

The display is on the ground floor and you will not need a timed ticket to visit it. If you would like to visit the upper floors of the house you will need a timed ticket; please pick up one from Visitor Reception on your way in.

Knitting pattern used by the women. (PDF / 3.326171875MB) download