Fawkes Feast: Saturday November 4

Fawkes Feast at Coughton Court, Warwickshire

We are hosting our annual Fawkes Feast event on Saturday November 4 from 6pm. Come and join us and you will be greeted with a champagne reception followed by a private tour of the house and a seven course evening meal in the Throckmorton family Panelled Dining Room. Returning this year the exclusive black tie event will give you a unique opportunity to experience Coughton as never before.

You will begin your evening with a champagne reception before being taken on a private tour of the house where you will discover the family’s incredible history. From a position of high favour to one of fear and oppression post-Reformation, the Throckmorton’s were leaders in a dangerous age and the family played a pivotal role in the Gunpowder Plot; one of the most controversial political episodes in British history.

" ‘Our annual Fawkes Feast is a fantastic evening which gives visitors the rare opportunity to dine in the historic Panelled Dining Room. We are very much looking forward to hosting the event, as it promises to be a truly special evening.’"
- Nick Taylor - Visitor Welcome and Volunteer Manager

Following the private tour of the house you will be served an impressive seven course meal in the beautiful Panelled Dining Room. The dining room itself has witnessed many family, private and public events including the momentous turning-point in British history in 1831 when Sir Robert Throckmorton became the first Catholic MP since the Reformation.

Fawkes feast menu
Fawkes feast menu
The drinks are included
Fawkes Feast at Coughton Court, Warwickshire

Martin Pleasance, specialist speaker on the Gunpowder Plot, will be speaking about the plot and Throckmorton family connections after dinner.

The evening concludes with coffee and brandy in the Saloon.

Tickets for the Fawkes Feast are £150, for more information and to book please call 01789 400777 op 2.