Our gardens

Winter gardens at Coughton Court, Warwickshire

The Throckmorton family created and continues to manage the spectacular award-winning gardens here at Coughton Court. There is something for everyone. Highlights include the walled garden, lake, knot garden, vegetable garden, orchard and bog garden.

Our aim has been to create a garden worthy of such an important historic house and to provide enjoyment for our visitors. The focus has been on variety, in planting and design, combining the best of old and new and extending the flowering period so that there will always be something of interest for our visitors, whatever the season.

Foxgloves and peonies make a spectacular display in early summer
Foxgloves and peonies at Coughton Court, Warwickshire
Foxgloves and peonies make a spectacular display in early summer

The gardens were designed to complement the house, with the courtyard garden based on Elizabethan knot gardens to echo the Tudor gatehouse. In contrast to this formality the walled garden was designed as a series of ‘garden rooms’. Each space was given a different theme or colour including the hot and cool Borders and the spectacular rose labyrinth which boasts over 200 different varieties of roses.

Vegetable garden
Step into the veggie patch created by Head Gardener Sam Tippens and see what you can spot; it might even give you some inspiration to start your own patch at home.
There’s always something exciting growing in the veggie patch.

The marrows are looking good in the vegetable garden
Marrows growing in the Vegetable Garden at Coughton Court, Warwickshire
The marrows are looking good in the vegetable garden

Meander through the orchard and see if you can identify the quince, plum, gage, medlar, damson, cherry and of course apples trees.
The best time to visit is either in the spring for the beautiful blossom or the autumn for the bountiful fruit.

Bog garden
Fed by fresh water from the spring, the bog garden is host to gunnera the size of elephant ears, hostas and the unusually named skunk cabbage. There are lots of ferns which look amazing when they are unfurling in the spring. It’s bursting with life from April to September.

The gunnera is very happy in our bog garden.
Gunnera at Coughton Court, Warwickshire
The gunnera is very happy in our bog garden.

Water features
We’ve got all sorts of water features here at Coughton including the expansive Westminster pool, the symmetrical Courtyard quatrefoil pool, the marshy bog garden, the River Arrow, the weir stream and the tranquil pool garden set within the walled garden.

Plant sales
Still grown and run by the Throckmorton family you can take home a plant today grown here at Coughton Court. If you catch a friendly gardener they’ll even tell you how to look after it.

Seasonal Highlight
We are closed during the winter but a lot of work is going on to make the gardens even more special for next year. Do come along and see them.