The Coughton gardens in springtime

Tulips at Coughton Court, Warwickshire

The Throckmorton family created and continues to manage the spectacular award-winning gardens here at Coughton Court. There is something for everyone to enjoy throughout the seasons and highlights include the roses in the walled garden, Daffodils around the lake and the plentiful vegetable garden and bog garden.

Our aim here at Coughton has always been to create a garden worthy of such an important historic house and to provide enjoyment for our visitors. There is a huge amount of variety in gardens and the gardeners are always striving to extend the flowering period so that there will always be something for our visitors to see no matter what the season.

Explore the beautiful Warwickshire countryside
Bluebells growing under a tree beside the lake at Coughton Court, Warwickshire
Explore the beautiful Warwickshire countryside

During the spring months the gardens erupt into a kaleidoscope of colour and sounds of new life for everyone to enjoy. From April thousands of brightly coloured daffodils cover the ground all the way from the stableyard to the orchard.

A sure sign that winter is over, daffodils create a welcome splash of colour and gone are the days when daffodils were only yellow. Coughton’s daffodils come in a variety of colours from pure white and pale pink to bright orange and cream, ranging in size and shape.

We're home to over 2000 daffodils
Daffodils in full bloom at Coughton
We're home to over 2000 daffodils

The apple blossom in the orchard is also worth a look during late spring and don’t forget to visit the bog garden which is fed by fresh water from the spring and host to gunnera the size of elephant ears, hostas and the unusually named skunk cabbage. There are lots of ferns which look amazing when they are unfurling in the spring.

Take a gentle stroll by the riverside to spot the ducklings and goslings and follow the river over to Timms Grove to see the shimmering carpet of bluebells in the ancient woodland from May.