Enjoy the gardens at Coughton in summer

The Walled Garden at Coughton

The Throckmorton family created and continues to manage the spectacular award-winning gardens here at Coughton Court. There is something for everyone to enjoy throughout the seasons and highlights include the roses in the walled garden, the herbaceous borders, ferns around the lake and the plentiful vegetable garden, orchard and bog garden.

Our aim here at Coughton has always been to create a garden worthy of such an important historic house and to provide enjoyment for our visitors. There is a huge amount of variety in gardens and the gardeners are always striving to extend the flowering period so that there will always be something for our visitors to see no matter what the season.

Stunning summer colour
View of the walled garden

Bog garden

The largest plant in the bog garden is the gunnera but there is lots more to enjoy during your stroll with plenty of colourful plant and bird life.

The gunnera is very happy in our bog garden.
Gunnera at Coughton Court, Warwickshire


If you are looking for flowers we have them everywhere from the moment you approach the Welcome centre, around the Courtyard and,of course, in the walled garden and herbaceous gardens.

Insects love to visit our summer garden
Close up of a flower at Coughton

Vegetable garden

The raised beds in the vegetable garden have all been replaced this year and we are hoping for some tasty crops. The weather, of course, plays a part in this so we are wishing for a good summer.

Everything is growing in our vegetable garden
Vegetable garden at Coughton Court, Warwickshire

We do hope you enjoy our gardens. The gardeners work very hard and the displays improve year on year.