Our memorable moments from 2015

Coughton Court, Warwickshire, Saloon Christmas Tree

As we go through the year we all store precious moments in our memories and then at the end of the year we look back and think " I really enjoyed that". During our closed season we really want to share these moments with you as we look forward to the new season in 2016.

I  have to go with the Christmas tree in the Saloon. It’s 21 feet high (that’s after we lopped a bit off!) and took 11 people and 1 chainsaw to get it into position. We only just had enough decorations to fill it, but Laura lovingly created (dying music paper with coffee), and folded about 60 paper stars to decorate the tree. We also made lots of the other decorations including bows and orange slices and cinnamon during our volunteer decoration making sessions, so there’s a little bit of every department on that tree. Steve, our longest ladder, and a bamboo pole, got the lights and decorations up there. It’s the biggest Christmas tree we have ever had, and we’ve had amazing feedback from everyone who has seen it.

" I’m just worried how I’m going to top this next year!"
- Becky Farr, Conservation and Engagement Manager.
An amazing find
Old car at Coughton Court, Warwickshire
An amazing find

One day, totally unexpectedly, Becky Farr came to me and said “You must come and look at this”. I went with her to the store room off  Lady Lillian’s room where she showed me a Kodak Photo paper box. I opened it up and found this 6” x 4” glass negative showing an old car in the Stableyard. We know that the Chauffer was Joseph Serrell but we are not sure about the make or model of car. Then came the question “Can you do anything with this?" I did not know but took it away with me. My scanner was not designed for negatives that big at all. It was such an interesting challenge for me. I eventually managed to scan it in two halves and stitch them together.

" I was so excited to see the final result and proud to show it to everybody."
- Bill Alloway, Website Manager.

‘My favourite moment this year has got to be the launch of the new website. A year of planning and preparation for three brand new websites was certainly a challenge but a very rewarding one. It was a real team effort and took around a year from concept to completion, with some setbacks along the way. When I checked my phone at 7:00 on the morning of the launch to see if they had all loaded correctly it was such a relief and a huge sense of achievement.’

Abi Cole, Marketing and Events Officer

Favourite moments of our Catering Manager
Woolly Woods at Coughton Court, Warwickshire
Favourite moments of our Catering Manager

‘There have been a few stand out moments for me since joining Coughton back in August, ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime. Realising the covered courtyard roof was not water tight was certainly memorable. So to was discovering a field mouse in the office, which gave me the opportunity for an unparalleled display of masculinity, as I stood on a chair while Becky and Jenny shooed it away. But in all seriousness walking around Wooly Woods was the highlight of my year at Coughton. The effort and time that went into creating it was truly impressive, I felt like I was walking through a 1950s children’s animation, very memorable.'

" I felt like I was walking through a 1950s children’s animation, very memorable."
- Daniel Newman, Catering Manager

The Village Fete at Coughton is a wonderful day, and this year was no exception.  I feel it’s one of the things that our place “special”; with the local village residents, supporters and  volunteers  providing fun stalls like “splat the rat” and games including ten pin bowling and putting.  There really were activities for everyone to enjoy with children and adults alike participating in 80 M sprints, egg & spoon and sack races .  There is craft, competitions and cake; oh how we all love the cake!  The highlight of the day is the “Tug of War” when the donor family team take the strain against the property team  for an exciting if very tiring finale.

" The Village Fete at Coughton is a wonderful day, and this year was no exception."
- Nick Taylor, Acting Visitor & Commercial Operations Manager.