Reservicing the North Wing

Reservicing at Coughton Court

From August 2017 we are undertaking the final part of a significant conservation project here at Coughton Court. The project involves rewiring the mansion, installing new fire alarm systems and leak detection, and improving the house’s defences against fire.

 When the reservicing work is finished, in March 2018, the house won’t look substantially different – maybe a new plug socket here and there, or a new fire door – but the safety of this special place will be ensured for many more years to come.

Normally unseen but so important
Rewiring at Coughton Court, Warwickshire

The conservation project started in 2012 and has taken place in five phases. The work we’ve started now is the final piece of the puzzle, and when it’s finished, we will have spent over £1 million protecting the house, collections, and the people that live, work, volunteer and visit here.

" Your visit helps to fund this vital conservation work – thank you."
- Rebecca Farr - Conservation and Engagement Manager

The final phase of the project takes place in the North Wing of the house, which is where the resident historic family, the Throckmortons, live. It is not open to the public and so when you visit Coughton you may not see many signs that our contractors are on site, working hard – but they are!
To reveal a little bit more about what it’s like to carry out a project of this size on a building like Coughton, which requires sensitive work and specialist craftsmanship, this year in the house we’re telling the stories of our electricians, carpenters, joiners, and other members of our team. Look out for toolboxes around the house and have a rummage through the tools of the trade to find out more about how we care for Coughton.

A rare opportunity to see portraits that are not usually on display
Portraits in Blue Drawing Room at Coughton Court

The Ante-Room currently is displaying a collection of minatures, many of which are usually found in the family North Wing.

Come and look at the display. Only here while reservicing is taking place
Minatures on display in Ante Room

We’re able to fund crucial work like this thanks to supporters like you giving through membership, admissions, the restaurant and shop, and donations.