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Goat's cheese gnocchi

With velvety gnocchi, creamy goat's cheese and fresh greens, this recipe is a treat throughout the year.

  • 35 minutes prep. time
  • 20 minutes cooking time
  • Serves 4
  • Pies & savoury treats, Vegetarian & vegan
The fresh greens are a perfect accompaniment to the creamy cheese in this goat's cheese gnocchi recipe
The fresh greens are a perfect accompaniment to the creamy cheese in this goat's cheese gnocchi recipe | © National Trust Images


For the gnocchi

  • 250g potatoes, peeled, boiled and mashed
  • 50g goat's cheese
  • 1 egg
  • 100g plain flour
  • 5g dried oregano 
  • Salt and pepper

For the sauce

  • 30g margarine
  • 30g plain flour
  • 10g vegetable bouillon (or 2 stock cubes)
  • 75ml white cooking wine
  • 250g water (approx.)
  • 80g double cream

To serve

  • 200g leeks, shredded
  • 150g mushrooms
  • 250g mangetout
  • 50g cut pea shoots
  • 20g flat-leaf parsley, finely chopped
  • 50ml cold-pressed rapeseed oil


Storing fresh gnocchi

Once the gnocchi is made it can be frozen and then cooked straight from frozen.

Step 1

For the gnocchi

Place the potato in a bowl and crumble in the goat's cheese. Add the egg, salt and pepper, flour and oregano.

Step 2

Use your hands to work the mixture into a ball, making sure it is mixed well.

Step 3

Divide the dough into pieces and roll out on a floured board until about 1.5cm in diameter, cut into pieces around the thickness of your thumb. Use a fork to press the gnocchi lightly.


Step 4

Drop the gnocchi into boiling, salted water in batches. When they float to the surface they're cooked. Remove and drop into a bowl of chilled water. Continue with the remainder until you've used up all the dough.

Step 5

For the sauce

Melt the margarine in a pan and add the flour and the bouillon paste. Stir well until dissolved.


Step 6

Stir in the wine and mix until you have a thick paste. Now add the water a little at a time until you have a smooth sauce.

Step 7

Stir in the cream and adjust the seasoning. Add additional water to make a smooth velouté, which covers the back of a spoon.

Step 8

To serve

Fry the mushrooms in a little oil until lightly coloured, then tip into the sauce.

Step 9

Pour boiling water from the kettle over the mangetout and leeks. Leave to stand for 2 minutes, then drain.

Step 10

Mix the mushrooms, leeks, mangetout and chopped parsley into your sauce. Pour a portion into each serving bowl.

Step 11

Heat a little oil in a frying pan and add the gnocchi, tossing them around gently to give a little colour.


Step 12

Add a portion of the gnocchi on top of the sauce in each bowl. Top with a few pea shoots and then drizzle around the oil.

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