Join in with '50 things' on the North Coast

Here's just a few of the '50 things to do before you're 11¾' activities you can complete at some of our North Coast properties starting on your next visit! You can find the full list of activities in the links below.

Every day at the National Trust properties on the North Coast is it possible to find something new to do, and hopefully you can get closer to completing the '50 things'.  Below we've listed 5 things for each of our amazing sites that we think you can complete when you visit next.

'50 things' at Downhill Demesne and Hezlett House

  • 1 : Get to know a tree - At Downhill, if you walk over to the Bishop's Gate you will see a great variety of trees in the garden.  Maybe you can find a gardener to ask them more!
  • 22 : Find a funky fungi - While in the gardens at Downhill, take a look around in the undergrowth to see if you can spot some mushrooms.
  • 31: Make friends with a bug - Finally, while in those gardens, you must be able to find some small bugs around the flowers and mushrooms.
  • 7 : Fly a kite - The grounds of Downhill Demesne are famous for our kite flying festival, but you can do that any time of year.  The breeze up above the sea is perfect for getting your kite up in the air
  • 44 : Watch a bird - Back over at Hezlett House, you can hear bird sounds all around.  Try to spot one and see what it gets up to.

'50 things' at Portstewart Strand

  • 2 : Roll down a really big hill - On Portstewart Strand there are some amazing sand dunes, and what's better than rolling down one of those?
  • 20: Go paddling - Get those socks and shoes off, roll up your trousers and run straight into the Atlantic ocean.
  • 38 : Bring up a butterfly - The sand dunes have lots of great butterflies, but if you get there at the right time, you might find a caterpillar, which you can grow into a butterfly.
  • 42 : Go swimming in the sea - Take another step from number 20, get fully immersed into the ocean!
  • 50 : Take a friend on a nature adventure - From the beach you can access the sand dunes, which then lead down to the river Bann.

'50 things' at White Park Bay

  • 5 : Skim a stone - The beach isn't only a sandy one, you can find some pebbles on it, and they can be great for skimming stones.
  • 8 : Spot a fish - You may be on the ocean, but that doesn't mean the fish are only out in the deeps, a lot of them like to swim in the shallow waters, to keep an eye out for them.
  • 9 : Eat a pinic in the wild - Sit amongst the bluebells above the beach, get out the picnic basket out and enjoy the view over lunch.
  • 37: Explore the wonders of a rock pool - On this beach, towards the west end, there are lots of rock pool where you can hopefully see some sea life.
  • 46 : Clamber over rocks - While at the west end of the beach, you'll see lots of rocks to climb over.  But be careful!

'50 things' at Cushendun

  • 10 : Play conkers - If you get there at the right time of year, try to find the horse chestnut trees around the village.  Bring some string and a skewer and play conkers!
  • 11 : Explore on wheels - The best way to get around this little village and surrounding countryside is to get on two wheels.
  • 19 : Play pooh sticks - If you walk up to Knocknacarry Avenue, you'll find a quiet little bridge where you can throw sticks into the water on one side and see them some out the other.  Race your friends!
  • 29 : Explore a cave - Just around the coast from the village are the amazing Cushendun caves.  We don't need to say more, just go see them.
  • 33 : Go cloud watching - walk out to any part of the coast to get a panormaic view of the clouds, from ocean to mountain.