The Bishop's Play Trail

The Bishops Play Trail

Thanks to the hard work, passion and creative minds of our ranger team at Downhill Demesne, we invite you to explore the Bishop’s Play Trail.

Located 200 yards through Bishop’s Gate, past the beautiful gardens and carpets of wild garlic, this exciting new development is sure to entertain kids during family walks.
Tackling the spider’s web, climbing the causeway stones and challenging the walking see-saw are just some of the adventures on offer at the Bishop’s Trail.
The trail was built mainly from Downhill’s resources, explains John Herbert, Downhill Demesne Estate Ranger:
"To provide the timber for the play trail we took the opportunity to use what we already had on the estate. As part of our woodland management plan we began thinning out selected trees. This will encourage greater growth of specialist trees and provide a healthier woodland, so what better way to help both projects. Woodchip for the ground was provided by chipping fallen tree branches from across the estate."
The Bishop’s Trail is accessible all year round and we encourage you to give it a go, young and old alike. It also links in perfectly with your 50 things to do activities.
Our top five '50 Things to do before you're 11 ¾' include climbing a tree, hunting for bugs, eating an apple straight from a tree, feeling like you're flying in the wind and plant it, grow it, eat it.
A child explores a hollow log at Dunham Massey, Cheshire

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