Elizabeth Andrews' To Do Pile

A glimpse of Mandy Lane's sculpture 'Elizabeth Andrews' To Do Pile'

Sculptor: Mandy Lane

Elizabeth Andrews was born in Penderyn, Rhondda Cynon Taf in 1882.

As a campaigner for mining families in the Rhondda valley in 1919, Elizabeth Andrews helped to outline the suffering of miners’ wives with poor social conditions such as overcrowded homes, poor sanitation and high death rate of children in the South Wales valleys.

Mandy Lane’s figurative sculpture pays tribute to those who suffered such conditions, including those who contributed to the growth of Dyffryn Gardens in the late 19th century.

" My sculptures explore relationships, fragility, power, vulnerability and neglect surrounding the family unit. My work is built upon my personal memories in my childhood. I work in mainly wax for its unstable fragile nature but sometimes casting in bronze. I also use mixed media from objects in my own family home."
- Mandy Lane