Our greenhouse is getting greener

An orchid in the glasshouse

We've installed a state of the art biomass boiler, ground source heat pumps and solar panels to reduce our carbon footprint.

Biomass and bromeliads

We have recently installed a new biomass boiler in our gardeners' yard, this will enable us to stop burning oil and gas and to move to a cleaner, renewable energy source. The boiler will run on wood pellets made from the waste product of wood manufacture from mid Wales.

Previously we were using oil to power our glasshouse, this is a very expensive heat source and temperatures need to be maintained to allow our cacti, succulents, vines and orchids to flourish.

The future of our orchids

This more reliable energy source will mean that we can heat our glasshouse more dependably so rarer and more exotic species of orchid can be bought and cultivated. In the future we aim to have the only tropical national orchid collection in Wales and we can now begin our journey to making this a reality.

Our gardeners haven’t yet decided which genera of orchid to display as there are so many possibilities and it will take time to find and propagate the rarer varieties. In the mean time we will be expanding the current tropical orchid collection and growing orchids and carnivorous plants that would have been grown by the original owner of the gardens, Reginald Cory.

Coming off oil and gas

Not only will the new energy source mean more exciting plants for the gardens but it will also mean much greener, cleaner energy. Previously on average Dyffryn used around 40,000 litres of oil per year to heat the mansion house, glass houses, offices and café.

Other green initiatives that have been installed are ground source heat pumps and solar panels. All the energy they produce will be kept on site to power battery powered machinery to take us off mains electricity as much as possible.