The Arboretum

Cardiff City Centre might only be a 15 minute drive away, but nestled in the tranquil country setting in the Vale of Glamorgan, you will discover the wild, woodland escape that is Dyffryn's Arboretum.

Our Arboretum on the east side of the garden is a wild and exotic area, providing a distinctly different feel to the rest of the property.

Covering 22 acres, there is plenty to discover with all year round colour and Champion trees with enormous scientific and botanical significance, making it one of the best woody collections in the National Trust.

Lucombe Oak - Although this specimen was grown right here in the UK, it’s actually a hybrid of Oak trees from Turkey and Spain. Created by William Lucombe, the tree became a symbol of wealth in the late 1700s.
Lucombe Oak at Dyffryn Gardens


From 1906 to 1930, Reginald Cory and Thomas Mawson continued to develop, enhance and extend Dyffryn's gardens and in particular its woody plant collection. It is during this period that much of the Arboretum was established, with a collection of exotic and ornamental trees, shrubs and bamboos (running into hundreds) being carefully laid out beneath and within protective shelterbelts of over-storey trees and evergreen shrubs.

Just like Reginald Cory and Thomas Mawson ensured that this Arboretum would be a magnificent place for us, it is vital that we continue their hard work and develop this tree garden for future generations to enjoy.

Autumn walks through Dyffryn Gardens

Dyffryn's Arboretum revival

We've secured funding for a five year project to transform our Arboretum to the glory it deserves.