Antler selfie season at Dyrham Park

Dyrham Park deer with missing antler

Every spring, our male fallow deer lose their antlers. It's a painless process, hurting nothing other than their pride but chances are you might find an antler or two lying on the grass.

Every few days throughout April and May, our rangers spot more Bucks and pricketts with missing antlers and occasionally they locate the missing antlers.
And sometimes, visitors get in on the action; we're challenging more of you to do the same - asking that once you do, you take an #Antlerselfie photo and share it with us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.
Shedding antlers
Ranger Matt Baker said: "We expect about 40 male deer will all shed their antlers over the next couple of months and we're already starting to see a couple in the park. You usually find them in long grass, by trees. It gets quite itchy and they rub them against the trees.
"It doesn't hurt them, it's like a child losing a baby tooth. Once they drop, they start growing new antlers that come out all soft and velvety. In the summer they'll have a full pair again ready for rutting season in the autumn."
He added: "You often see them lying in the park looking sorry for themselves, trying to avoid the female deer because they're all embarrassed."
#Antlerselfie hall of fame
Don't worry if you can't find any antlers in the park, just stop in at visitor reception near the car park on your way out and you can borrow their hard hat with antlers attached. There are also a pair of antlers on the nature table at Old Lodge and some fluffy antlers in the shop.
Once you've taken a photo of yourself, your family and friends with your antlers on please do share them on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram with the hashtag #Antlerselfie 
Good luck.