What to see in Dyrham house

Conservation in Dyrham house walnut stairs

Over winter Dyrham house is open daily from 11am-4pm and from February 16 it will stay open an hour longer until 5pm.

Last entry to the house is an hour before closing.

Until mid February there will be guided tours of the house from Monday to Friday. which are limited in number and available on a first come first served basis. Tickets can be collected from the Great Kitchen.

From February 16 you can wander at leisure through the house though volunteers are on hand to answer any questions and help.

Following the massive re-roofing work two years ago, we're now carrying out vital conservation work on staircases, wall hangings and items in the collection as part of a big project to re-present the house to create a more authentic, meaningful experience for visitors.

Conservation in action

Winter also gives our team of conservators and volunteers the chance to check and clean the house and the collection - checking woodwork for bugs, dusting and other delicate cleaning tasks.

We are happy to stay open throughout this process and you can watch bits of conseravtion in action on certain days and find out about some of the work we do. We also have conservation studio tours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, volunteer numbers permitting.

A taste of the 17th century

Inside the house you can find out more about founder William Blathwayt and see highlights of the collection including artwork, furniture and a fine collection of blue and white Dutch Delftware.

As well as visual grandeur you can hear harpsichord music in the Great Hall to help transport you back to life in the 17th century.

The basement

The basement is home to an ornate dairy, servant's bells and a Victorian kitchen which is currently housing our second-hand bookshop.