Birds, butterflies and bees

A bee on wild clover in Whitefield Wildflower meadow at Dyrham Park

The skies above Dyrham Park are filled with an array of winged beauties - including birds, bees and butterflies.

In the summer months Dyrham Park's parkland and garden is awash with smaller wildlife.

Bee-friendly garden

There are several wild bee colonies around the property and borders blooming with bee-friendly plants such as globe thistles, calendula and lavender.

The wildflower meadow near the car park is bursting with life too as bees and butterflies hover around the clover, the cowslip and the rare bee orchids.

Butterfly count

Peacock, Admiral and Comma butterflies are among the 30+ different types of flying insects at Dyrham Park, wonderful flashes of blue and orange skimming through the long grasses.

By the pools in the lower garden you might be lucky enough to see some tadpoles, baby frogs and newts or even a dragonfly or kingfisher.

Birds of prey

Look up into the skies and you'll see and hear a range of common and some rarer birds too, including jackdaws, robins and birds of prey.

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