Dyrham house re-opens fully following roof project

Dyrham Park house re-opened in March 2017

Dyrham Park recently completed a major conservation project to replace the leaking roof, during which the upper floors of the house were closed to the public. These have now re-opened.

You're invited to step inside the world of colonial administrator William Blathwayt and learn more about life in the 17th Century.

Once you arrive at the large white doors on the West Terrace, you'll be welcomed into the large former home of Mr Blathwayt and his wife Mary. You'll get a flavour, literally if you like, of what life was like as you'll get to enjoy a sample of 17th-century hot chocolate as you exit via the Green house.

What is new this year? 

The majority of the rooms, including the two rooms upstairs on the first floor which were closed during the roof project, are now fully open and dressed with items from the collection and information on display.

The ‘Family Parlor’  is where we introduce you to Dyrham Park founder William Blathwayt and and the ‘Japanned Closet’ is where we're keen to gather your feedback.

Our volunteers will be happy to share with you updates about the work we're undertaking to conserve and represent the house and its collection.

Who was Mr Blathwayt?

Mr Blathwayt was a senior civil servant and one time MP who acquired Dyrham Park estate when he married heiress Mary Wynter in the Christmas of 1686 - his vision saw the house built and filled with exotic delights and a magnificent Dutch water garden created.

House and Collections Manager Eilidh Auckland said: "It is through the story of Mr Blathwayt that you can fully understand and appreciate Dyrham Park. He was a very interesting man with lots of stories to tell, but not everyone knows much about him. We're keen to change that."

Dyrham house is open seven days a week 11am to 5pm (last entry 4pm) until late October.