Dyrham Park behind the scenes tours

See conservation in action at Dyrham Park's Collections Store area

Why not come along and find out about how we look after some of Dyrham Park’s most precious works in our behind the scenes tours?

Several rooms previously unopened to the public have been transformed into a working conservation studio with free guided tours Monday to Friday, volunteer numbers permitting.

The working studio facilitates and exhibits conservation efforts so the public can observe "conservation in action".


The studio is located in the upstairs rooms on the east side’s second floor. Flat 8 had been previously used as a residence for house staff and during William Blathwayt’s occupation an apartment for his sons.


The studio is to be a permanent feature and will serve as an area for staff and volunteers to conduct conservation work and for the storage of collections of house objects and materials. The studio will also allow storage of conservation tools and resources, creating a more efficient space for work. 
The tours aim to provide a great experience for visitors to observe, learn and experience conservation efforts in front of them.

Outside tours

Guided tours will also continue for the garden and parkland this season.