Dyrham Park venison

Dyrham Park venison on sale in shop

Award-winning Dyrham Park venison is available to buy in both the tea-room and the shop each Autumn and Winter.

From venison stew to sausages and mash, not only can you enjoy this tasty seasonal dish during a visit to our tea-room - but you can also pick up some of the local produce to take home with you.

Fine food award

Dyrham Park venison has received a National Trust Fine Farm Produce Award - putting it up there with the likes of Wimpole Home Farm's traditional pork sausages and Boscastle Farm Shop's beef rump steak.

One of several National Trust places which now sells venison, Dyrham Park is pleased to be able to give people the opportunity to try their sustainable, local meat.

Wildlife management

Each year, the ranger team at Dyrham Park culls some of the herd of wild fallow deer as part of a wider land management plan. This helps keep the herd strong and healthy and keep things sustainable on site.

There are almost 200 deer which roam the 270-acre ancient deer park, near Bristol and Bath, sharing the space with cattle in the summer (they eat the long grass so the deer can reach the tender shoots) as well as more than 200,000 visitors each year.

"We undertake an annual deer cull to ensure the health and welfare of the herd as a whole," said Garden & Park Manager Dale Dennehey. "We work closely with members of the Deer Initiative to identify and humanely remove the deer that are not expected to survive the winter as well as those with health conditions which could spread and endanger the herd.

Healthier meat

"As a by-product of our wildlife management plan, venison is a great choice of meat. It's a low carbon alternative to many red meats, is lower in fat and hormone free as it is not a farmed meat. We were thrilled to recently be awarded a Fine Produce food award too."

Deer where originally introduced to Dyrham Park as we know it in 1620, with deer recorded in Dyrham as far back as 577. Historic estates, such as Dyrham Park, introduced deer into their park as a source of food.

Venison recipes

The National Trust has no shortage of venison recipes to help you turn the rich and healthy meat into delicious home-cooked meals.