Floral highlights at Dyrham Park

Bee on daffodil in orchard at Dyrham Park

We're keeping a close eye on the flowers at Dyrham Park this year as part of 'flowerwatch'.

The garden and outdoor team will be picking a flower of the week from the end of January right up until the summer.

This will be published on social media to keep visitors up to speed on what's coming up and when.

As well as a picture of the flower there will be interesting facts, the Latin name and where to find the flower around the garden.

Each week three to four 'in bloom' flowers and some information about them will be on display in the old stable block so you can find out more about your favourite type.

Expect to find snowdrops, crocuses, hyacinths, alliums and some ancient varieties of daffodils as well as bluebells popping up in the terraces. Later in the spring many thousands of tulips will take centre stage in pots and the Avenue. These link in with the Dutch history of the house and founder William Blathwayt from the 17th century.

There should also be a wide selection of wildflowers which bring colour to the meadows and informal wild areas.

Outdoor Visitor Experience Officer Libby Woolfrey said: 'This is a great opportunity to keep our visitors up to date on what's coming out and when and to find out more about the fantastic varieties of flowers growing in Dyrham Park's gardens and meadows. Our British weather means we can never put an exact timetable on what's going to come out when, so this should be an interesting way of tracking what's in bloom.'