Hare here for summer trail

Cotswold hare sculpture Golden Ears at Dyrham Park

There’s a special and very shiny 5ft guest at Dyrham Park this summer.

Golden Ears is here until September 9 as part of the Cotswold AONB Hare Trail, a public art trail made up of up to 100 hares dotted around the Cotswolds.  

The 5ft sculpture was painted by Gloucestershire artist Araminta Fogden and it’s decorated in gold foil with wildflowers and local butterflies and moth species. 

It was chosen by Dyrham Park where the meadows are filled with wildflowers and butterflies over the summer. Peacock, Admiral and Comma butterflies are among over 30 different types of flying insects that can be seen skimming through the long grasses here.


The trail was set up to promote awareness and focus on public art, design and sculpture and an understanding of the way in which the arts can support environmental conservation.

Gold foil

Araminta said: ‘Golden Ears is covered in moths and butterflies from the Cotswolds. I love to use gold foil in my artwork and so had to use it for this hare. Gold foil is great fun to use, gets everywhere it’s not supposed to, comes in the thinnest of sheets and is ever so delicate so blows about on the faintest of breezes. 

‘I’m not a very patient painter, and tend to work quite quickly, so this hare really pushed me, as he has a lot of surface, and the detail of the moths and butterflies had to be correct.’

Araminta describes her work as ‘stylised, motif like, naive, folk and fun’. She’s inspired by animals and their ‘wild energy, fantastic colours, lines and patterns’ as well as artwork of the arts and crafts era, Japanese and Chinese prints and ceramics, folk art, Art Deco motifs and Art Nouveau style.

Look out for Golden Ears in the visitor car park.