Sixteeenth century Flemish panel painting


One of Dyrham Park’s most prized possessions is our Flemish triptych, which is a panel painting divided into three sections.


The biblical scenes, believed to have been painted in oil by Jan van Doornik, date from around 1530.

Originating from Antwerp, the painting shows The Adoration of the Magi in the largest central panel, Nativity by Night with Shepherds on the left wing and The Flight into Egypt on the right wing.

History and conservation

There are records of the painting at Dyrham Park as early as 1710. It was purchased as part of the Dyrham Park estate by the Ministry of Works through the National Land Fund and transferred to the National Trust for Dyrham Park in 1956. The painting was located in St Peter’s Church on the park estate where a copy still remains. Visitors can come and see the original up close in the conservation studio in the house on free guided tours.

Conservation work was carried out on the triptych in 2009 at The National Gallery which included panel repair, surface cleaning, the filling of splits with coconut husk flour and retouching.

500 years old

Dyrham Park’s House Manager Eilidh Auckland said: 'This beautiful painting is full of rich colours, expression and life and it’s incredible to think it’s coming up for 500 years old. We have a fine collection of art at Dyrham Park but this, for me, is the jewel in the crown and we are lucky to have it here for all to enjoy.'