Tulips at Dyrham Park

The tulips usually come out late April at Dyrham Park

Each winter, the garden team at Dyrham Park plants thousands of bulbs ready for a spring bloom.

Springtime sees a vibrant spring bloom with tulips popping up around the garden.

This is no accident. In December, the garden team undertook the mammoth two-week task of planting over 60,000 spring bulbs of all kinds.

The planting includes hundreds of carefully-selected tulips bulbs, which should then bloom in the spring - rearing their heads in April and visible until May.

New planting scheme

In previous years, the tulips have been planted in the borders around the pools but this year will be a key feature of the long borders in the Avenue as well as Sphynx Court and in pots on West Terrace.

Gardener Tim Jones, speaking shortly after the planting, said: “Every year our tulips offer a beautiful burst of spring colour to the garden. Last year, we planted 14,000 different flower bulbs - this year, we've more than tripled that with a whopping 61,000. We can't wait to see these in bloom."

Garden transformation

Inspired by the 17th-century Johannes Kip engraving, Dyrham Park gardeners are working on an ongoing project to transform the garden into a vibrant 21st-century garden with echoes of the past. The garden project also draws on modern day examples from sites such as the gardens at Versailles in France and at Het Loo in the Netherlands.

More information on our garden project here.