What to see in the garden this summer

Beautfiul borders at Dyrham Park

The gardens are awash with colour this season with beautiful borders, picturesque ponds and selected spots for picnicking.

As the garden is ever-changing as we continue with plans to create a vibrant 21st-century garden with echoes from the past.

Join us on our journey as we explore elements of Johannes Kip's 17th-century engraving to inform our planting plans - which includes the development of newly created magnificent borders on the lawn and reinstating a parterre in front of the house.

A place to relax

The garden sits in the shadow of the main house and neighbouring St Peter's Church. There are plenty of inviting benches and spots to rest along the way.

The borders along the Avenue will be awash with colour this summer with a huge range of blooms that would have been popular in the 17th century including zinnia, antirrhinum, convulvus and calendula.

A display of sweet peas is planned on metal topiary in the Avenue bringing a delicious sweet scent to the air.

Pool gardens

The pool gardens with its gentle cascade is a relaxing place to wander round or take a break on a bench and relax. The borders will be filled with colour and the ponds teaming with life. 

Perry orchard

On the south side of the garden is Nichol's perry pear orchard, which is full of wildflowers in the early summer months and a great place to picnic later on in the season.

As well as trees and plants in the garden, there is an abundance of wildlife - countless bees and butterflies and, at night, bats.

Free guided tours

Every day, we run seasonal tours of the garden which will pick out highlights and explain some history as well as outlining plans for the garden’s future.

See the notice board in the courtyard on arrival for the list of tours on that day.

Outdoor theatre

To take in some culture, we're hosting an outdoor theatre production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night's Dream in the garden this August. Bring a blanket and a picnic for the two performances in August and book through the website.