Whitefield wildflower meadow

A bee on wild clover in Whitefield Wildflower meadow at Dyrham Park

Situated next to the main car park, Whitefield wildflower meadow is a glorious area where you are allowed to walk your dog.

In June and July, our Whitefield wildflower meadow is at its finest - with lots of wonderful bee orchids in bloom this year.
The meadow, situated near the main car park, is home to a rare burst of bee orchids, daisies, clover, wild grasses and more - all visible from the carefully carved pathways.
If you head down further into the park, you will find another wildflower meadow nestled in the perry orchard next to the more formal West Garden.
Annual treat
Beth Weston, Outdoors Officer at Dyrham Park, says: 'It’s looking so beautiful in Whitefield at the moment – with a stunning array of colours - but you need to witness the spectacle soon, otherwise you’ll have to wait another year.'
She added: 'Bee orchids are called such because the petal formation resembles a bee on a flower - this helps encourage fertilisation. Some years they don't come out at all so there's no way of knowing whether we'll see them again next year.'