Wild garlic at Dyrham Park

Wild garlic in the Lost Terraces at Dyrham Park

The subtle/sometimes not so subtle whiff of garlic fills the air at Dyrham Park in April as the Wild Garlic blooms in the terraces and garden.

Until recently, the Lost Terraces at Dyrham Park were exactly that and it was only last year (2015) that we opened them to the public for the first time.

In the Lost Terraces is a sea of wild garlic, hugging the wooden benches and path edges and ripe for the picking. You'll also spot it elsewhere at Dyrham Park, including in the garden by the ponds and near the bus stop.

Wild garlic can be used to great effect in cooking and we sometimes run wild garlic pesto making sessions, creating a versatile pesto which can be used on garlic bread, with pasta or to create your own chicken kiev.